SUBCOE to Manufacture OptiLift RPC High Ambient Temperature Drive System

OptiLift High Temperature RPC Driv

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Rockwell Automation OptiLiftHigh Temperature RPC Drives

SUBCOE to manufacture OptiLift RPC in New Omani Facility

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – SUBCOE has become an approved Machine Builder member in the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork program.  Rockwell Automation OEM members are machine and equipment builders that help provide flexible and efficient equipment leveraging Rockwell Automation solutions.

SUBCOE teamed with Rockwell Automation in the designing, engineering and manufacturing of the new Rockwell Automation OptiLift RPC high ambient temperature variable speed drive system. These rod pump drive systems have comprehensive digital integration of the OptiLift graphical rod pump control system, variable frequency drive and local sensors, and work in combination with the Rockwell Automation ConnectedProduction secure production intelligence system.

The Rockwell Automation OptiLift system is a forward-looking control system that introduces advanced field integration techniques, including machine learning, which can be applied to any customer well environment to facilitate true next generation digital oilfield monitoring and intelligent production control.

SUBCOE has been manufacturing reliable drive systems for the oil and gas industry since 2003 and these built-for-purpose Rockwell Automation OptiLift NEMA4 drive systems have been designed and tested for optimal reliability at ambient temperatures of up to 60 degrees Celsius. The OptiLift drives follow the established rugged, reliable, low maintenance, passive cooled, oil and gas build standards applied to all SUBCOE drive systems.

About Subcoe

SUBCOE is a privately held company dedicated to the design, engineering and manufacturing of variable frequency drivesystems, power system skids and control electronics. SUBCOE specializes in the manufacture of technically advanced standalone and skidded oil and gas power systems for customers. SUBCOE manufactures approximately 20MVA of VFD power systems per month, many with complex control solutions, and has established facilities in Canada, Bulgaria and now also in Muscat Oman.

About Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation, Inc. (NYSE: ROK), the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and information, makes its customers more productive and the world more sustainable. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis., Rockwell Automation employs approximately 22,000 people serving customers in more than 80 countries.

Rockwell Automation OptiLift High Temperature RPC Drive System on Custom Mini Skid with Integrated Sunshades

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SUBCOE exhibiting at Oman Oil & Gas Show

SUBCOE will be exhibiting at Stand #717 of the Oil & Gas West Asia show in the Oman International Exhibition Centre March 21st – 23rd.

OMAN Stand

Please visit our stand for a close up look at our fully functional Mini Pump Jack, Mini EnerDRIVE, 250Hp AFE Regenerative Nema4 VFD, 50Hp Nema3R VFD & 50Hp Nema4 VFD and our full range of control devices.

Our enclosure manufacturing partner, Alltec Manufacturing will be joining us and will be raffling a television at the end of the show.

The stand will be manned by technical personnel from SUBCOE, Yaskawa & Alltec and we welcome all enquiries for existing or new products.

We look forward to seeing you at the show!

Stuart Whitbread

Marketing Manager

View our Mini Pump Jack & Mini VFD here:

SUBCOE Cost Effective EnerDRIVE & EnerPACK Mini Skid Systems

SUBCOE is a well known and proven OEM manufacturer of Variable Frequency Drive systems and Skidded Power Systems with drives and skids though out North America, North Africa and the Middle East. We have been building Oil & Gas electrical power systems for over 10 years and have designed, developed and manufactured many systems ranging from 1000+Hp VFD packages to 30Hp Solar Powered artic packages. Our expertise and our OEM YASKAWA manufacturing status enables us to produce simple low cost across the line starters, basic VFD, low harmonic multipulse (up to 24 Pulse) VFD and fully regenerative drive systems.

Following the dramatic reduction in the value of the barrel of oil and, in an effort to help producers manage their completion costs, SUBCOE is launching a range of low cost multi pulse EnerDRIVE’s and EnerPACK MiniSKID’s that are fully engineered drive systems and  compact skid packages that are designed to reduce materials and labor used in the manufacturing process allowing us to pass on lower finished goods pricing to the oil companies.

By efficiently combining all of the electrical components required to take the source power to the pump system into one compact power package production capex & opex can be reduced to manage total lifting costs.

The original concept was previously developed following our construction of 200+ large power skids and used all of our acquired knowledge and field experience to remove the excess from the systems and it was placed in our product design library for future use.

The complete range of SUBCOE EnerDRIVE’s and EnerPACK’s adhere to industry accepted manufacturing guidelines and are 3rd Party (Intertek) inspected and tested to CSA Standards. They are designed to be cost effectively shipped to the country where they will be installed and operated in standard high cube shipping containers.

We will be manufacturing a demonstration EnerPACK Mini Skid and will ship this to our Oman facility during Q2 2016. Please contact us through the website if you have any specific requirements or would like us to also take a look at your application.

Stuart Whitbread

Marketing Manager

SUBCOE Oman Manufacturing & Repair Facility

SUBCOE is pleased to announce that following a planning and preparation period we are opening our new facility in Muscat, Oman. This new facility will be staffed by experienced long term SUBCOE employees who will bring our expertise to the region and be available for customers on a day to day basis.

SUBCOE has an equipment population in Oman in excess of 600 VFD’s and we also have a significant number of VFD’s and Skid Systems in the surrounding region. To service and support these drives and our valued customers we will be providing immediate access to our engineering and manufacturing teams to resolve issues and to provide fast turn around of new and reconditioned power systems.

Our new facility will be stocked with all of the the parts and materials required to manufacture and maintain SUBCOE and YASKAWA variable frequency drive systems and where practical we will offer to revitalize existing defective third party manufactured products through drive system conversions.

SUBCOE has been a major manufacturer of DOL across the line starter systems, both for our own applications and branded for various pump companies and we will also be offering repair and servicing of these systems.

With the current focus being on cost savings, our offer of repair and rehabilitation of existing assets will allow oil producers to reduce their Capex expenditure to the benefit of all.

New SUBCOE VAM – Realtime Hands Free VFD Voltage, Current & Frequency Monitoring

With ARC Flash being a major concern for modern operators, and the risk of injury and death being recognized within the electrical industry a need has been generated for realtime monitoring and reporting of electrical variables, especially in medium voltage systems, without direct human interaction.

Currently to obtain live readings from a power system is it necessary to secure the appropriate permits, suit up in ARC Flash PPE and to then use a meter to measure the values, often this is a three man operation with one operator holding the probes, a second taking the reading while a third watches in case of accident.

This is very inefficient and inevitably reduces the frequency of routine and extra ordinary power checks. In an industry where the use of a step-up transformer is quite common and, this data is routinely needed, SUBCOE is addressing this need and especially the need for monitoring of power after transforming it to Medium Voltage levels with our new VAM system.

SUBCOE has built upon the existing proven technology developed for our range of CUBE Motor Controllers to develop a full range monitoring device that is capable of reading three phase voltage, current and frequency in a severely distorted power system.

The monitoring is performed outside of the control system to offer a secondary, watchdog, value that may be used to setup the primary control system. It also adds the normally not present Medium Voltage measurements to the control system.

With all data being processed on a digital systems in the voltage & current relays, all of the measured variable are available through a standard Modbus RTU RS485 communication system.

The voltage shunt is rated for 0 – 5000V and the current coils are 0 – 400A, both are mounted in the output power junction box and connected directly to the output power system.

In cases where a local readout is required then this can be accessed through a CUBE Motor Controller or through a standalone display device, both of which have logging capabilities. The VAM may be temporarily or permanently installed depending upon the needs of the site that is being monitored.