EnerDRIVE Skid Systems

SUBCOE Skid Systems are custom designed and built to meet the exacting demands of each application. The most

Control Room Skid on Truck

Control Room Skid on Truck

common SUBCOE Skid System is a single piece top lift, fully gated control room skid. The skid package comprises an EnerDRIVE VFD, Sine wave & IEEE 519 filters and optional DOL bypass system in an air conditioned control room with gated sections for step-down and step-up transformers.

The skid system is fully integrated and is provided pre-cabled with junction boxes and plug-in connectors for rapid well site mobilization / demobilization. Our mobile skid package is a fully redundant integrated power system,  we have manufactured in excess of 250 of these fully integrated skids for mobile and permanent installations.

Air Conditioned Control Room Skids

Depending on the location we often design our systems to fit into modified, fully certified ISO shipping containers, these contain VFD systems and transformers with forced air cooling systems.

Control Room Skid Manufacturing

Control Room Skid Manufacturing

We use two parallel power systems, on the front user panel of the VFD system there is a selector handle to choose between the YASKAWA VFD or a Direct On Line bypass system. Both come with our CUBE Intelligent Motor Controller installed and have a logical user friendly interface.

Open skids are manufactured on request using stand alone components, often including both step-down and step-up transformers. The individual components are all NEMA 4 rated for 55°C ambient temperatures and are mounted on a fully gated oilfield skid. This is less preferable for well testing as the operator does not have a control room to work from.

Container VFD/DOL Skid Loading

Container VFD/DOL Skid Loading

Open & Sunshaded Skids

SUBCOE manufactures open steel skids and skids with sunshades then mounts and cables the complete VFD system on it, the scope of work may include all the well site transformers, the VFD and various other items such an as downhole tool, SCADA and aux power panels. For applications requiring the highest specifications such as those at Saudi Aramco we provide the necessary extras such as oil catch trays, gable roof extensions and increased structural rigidity.


SUBCOE 500kVA ARAMCO Specification Dual Transformer Open Skid System with Gable Roof


SUBCOE Standard Skid Sizes (please inquire for other sizes)

Skid Sizes

SUBCOE Standard Open, Control Room & Sunshaded/Gated Skid Sizes