SUBCOE Arctic Heater – High Capacity 1600W@480V

       1600W 480V 3ph Arctic Heater

SUBCOE products are extensively used in the Canadian climate with winter temperatures often reaching -50°C. With a clear need to heat our enclosures and with a very limited selection of heaters available we designed a heater system that works with a 3-phase power supply.

Our heater is rated to operate direct from line voltages of 480V/600V and has a corresponding heat output of 1600/2000W. The heater is operated directly from the 3-phase power supply so no transformer is needed to reduce the supply voltage to 120/240. The system is fused and has a built in contactor with thermostatic control and high temperature shut down.

The heater can be configured for floor, wall or roof mounting and has two fan units to circulate air through the heater assembly.

The SUBCOE Arctic Heater quickly and effectively increases the temperature in any enclosure and is proven to be vastly superior to small heater units with a similar implementation cost.