EnerWAVE Filters

EnerWAVE Input IEEE519 and Output Sinewave Filters

EnerWAVE High Horse Power 1800A Sinewave Filter

EnerWAVE High Horse Power 1800A Sinewave Filter

SUBCOE manufactures filtered 12 Pulse Skid Systems with specially tuned reactors and harmonic filter systems for the global markets and our advanced filtering solutions are available for all voltages and frequencies. They may also be tailored to address specific harmonic resonance issues that may be present on distribution systems. The two main products are the EnerWAVE Sinewave Filter for VFD power conditioning and the EnerWAVE IEEE519 compliant power conditioners.

EnerWAVE Input IEEE519 Filters

As power utilities continue to be pushed to the limits of supply capability, rising energy costs and decreasing power quality will continue to be an issue for consumers. Users continually search for ways to not only reduce energy costs, but also ensure their processes will continue to operate no matter the quality of the incoming power.

EnerWAVE Input IEE519 Stand Alone / Retrofit Filter

EnerWAVE Input IEE519 Stand Alone / Retrofit Filter

The EnerWAVE Input Filter is a L+L-C passive filter that is connected in series with the input terminals of a variable speed drive or several drives that operate as a group that designed to reduce the harmonic currents drawn from the power source by variable speed drives. It is suitable for use with 3-phase diode bridge rectifier loads such as PWM and Six Step AC drives.

EnerDRIVE Low Harmonic System

EnerDRIVE with Integrated IEEE519 and SWF

SUBCOE harmonic filters are designed to provide a low impedance path for the major harmonic currents demanded by the drive. SUBCOE EWL filters can be stand-alone devices in their own enclosure with completely indepenent control & protection so they can be mounted adjacent to the drive. Alternatively when ordered with the VFD then the filter package may be integrated into the drive systems to offer a full single enclosure low harmonic solution. For retrofit applications, we also provide components on open panels ready to be mounted within an existing enclosure with the drive or other equipment.

EnerWAVE Output Sinewave Filter

SUBCOE Filters work with all VFD types and use state of the art components to block the high frequency harmonics generated on the input and output of the VFD from travelling beyond the VFD output. With the harmonics removed, the VFD output resembles a true sinewave resulting in longer motor runlife and lower stress on the complete cabling system.

In the continuing search to improve energy efficiency, many commercial and industrial power systems are turning to the technology of PWM (pulse width modulated) output power supplies. The ability to convert standard utility power into variable-frequency, variable-voltage electrical power has led to more efficient and economical installations. One of the drawbacks of the use of equipment such as adjustable frequency drives and variable frequency/voltage power supplies is that the output of such PWM devices is a square wave form.

EnerWAVE Input & Output Filters Integrated into VFD

EnerWAVE Input & Output Filters Integrated into VFD

Many applications require a more sinusoidal output, thus ruling out these economical and efficient solutions. The EnerWAVE EWS Filter has been designed to be installed at the output terminals of PWM devices either in the VFD enclosure or as a stand alone enclosure.

The EnerWAVE sinewave filter is a passive L-C-R filter that converts the PWM wave form to a near sinusoidal wave form, allowing sensitive applications to take advantage of the efficiencies and savings that PWM output power supplies offer.

EnerWAVE EWL & EWS Filter Specifications

  • Voltage ratings: 240, 480 and 600 V, 3 ph, 60 Hz 400 V, 3 ph, 50 Hz
  • kVar ratings: 3 to 270 kVar depending on voltage.
  • Load types: 3-phase diode bridge rectifier loads on AC drives
  • Load power range: 7.5 – 900 Hp depending on voltage.
  • Current ratings: 200% of rated current for at least 3 minutes.
  • SCCR Standard rating: 10kA.
  • Insertion Impedance: +/- 10% at full load current
  • Capacitors: Oil filled high endurance design (no PCBs)
  • Protective Features: Internal fuse protection for the harmonic filter circuit. Optional isolation contactor on IEEE519 Capacitors
  • Frequency Response: EWS: 1800 – 4000 Hz (PMM up to 350Hz by request)
  • Frequency Response: EWL: Specify 50Hz or 60Hz Power Supply
  • Cable terminations: Mechanical Lugs installed
  • Pilot devices: NEMA 4 when applied
  • Enclosure options: Open Frame, NEMA 1 or NEMA 3R enclosure
  • Application: Indoor / Outdoor
  • Enclosure material: 12 gauge steel, optionally Stainless Steel for NEMA4X
  • Finish: White Powder Coat
  • Enclosure Penetration: Aluminum cable gland plate on enclosure
  • Base frame: 6” steel channel for floor mounted
  • Lifting eye: Two / Four top mounted
  • Max Ambient Temp: NEMA1/3R -10°C to 40°C or -10°C to 55°C
  • Min Ambient Temp: ARCTIC Cold weather kit to extend low temperature operation to -45C
  • Max elevation: 3,000 feet (1,000 meters) as standard.
  • Max ambient temp: NEMA 3R (IP54) 50°C (122°F) – Enclosed Panel.
  • Max storage temp: 60°C (140°F)
  • Max humidity: 95%, non-condensing.