VAM – Medium Voltage & Amperage VFD Monitoring System

VAM Display Unit

The VAM system is a cost effective voltage monitoring relay, current monitoring relay. Using medium voltage instrument transformers & Rogowski Coils to directly measure and report the real time values for voltage, current and frequency on a live medium voltage power system.

The VAM differs from other power quality measuring systems because it will measure the voltage and current on a medium voltage system up to 4750 VRMS and will accurately return values at frequencies of 5 – 90Hz. Most variable frequency drives are used across a wide range of frequencies and a typical power quality meter will not register values except between 46-63Hz making it useless outside of this range. Typical power quality meters also struggle to return accurate readings on a Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) variable frequency drive output waveform.

This cost effective permanent measuring solution for three phase voltage and frequency allows an operator to non-invasively check the power system without having to risk the hazards associated with arc flash. The VAM system can also be configured to provide RS485 Modbus communication of the real-time measured variables to a local or SCADA control system to protect against phase fluctuation and imbalance.