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CUBE DOL Intelligent Motor Controller

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Voltage & Amperage Monitoring System

Electrical System Resonance Frequency Analyzer

Control Devices

Our power system control devices are designed and manufactured by SUBCOE to provide our customers with in house manufactured control systems that are specifically tailored to the needs of the Electrical Submersible Pump and Artificial Lift industries. Our control devices are designed and engineered in-house which allows us to rapidly develop products in compliance with all international customer specifications.

We manufacture a range of branded control products for other OEMs and for service companies, we provide them with hardware, software and product technical support.

CUBE Intelligent Motor Controller Series

The CUBE range of motor controllers are available in a variety of formats dependent upon their expected final application environment and the level of technology required, they are customizable to specific applications with a price and functionality matrix that meets end user requirements.

The SUBCOE CUBE controller product line is predominantly for oil field and industrial applications with the existing pre-configured control products currently running dedicated system software for the artificial lift industry. We are now on our 5th generation of hardware having proven the systems to be reliable and dependable around the world in all conditions.

The CUBE product lines are currently preconfigured as:

CUBE-VFD for control and protection of specific LV & MV Variable Frequency Drive systems with full onboard I/O

CUBE-HMI for control and protection of specific LV Variable Frequency Drive systems using VFD I/O

CUBE-DOL for across the line motor starter systems used to operate Low Voltage to Medium Voltage electrical motors.

CUBE Controllers have electrical control schemes suitable for operating of Electrical Submersible Pumping Systems (ESP), Progressive Cavity Pump Systems (SPS) and Horizontal Pumping Systems (HPS).

CUBE motor controller are equally suited to the control of any general 3 Phase AC Motor and have been applied in a range of operating situations within the oil and gas industry where high accuracy monitoring, custom integration of 3rd party Modbus devices or communication with SCADA systems is required.

CUBE controllers have a common intuitive interface with logically laid out menu structures and full data entry keyboards for fast and convenient operation. USB ports are multi-functional and can be used for downloading logs and trending information to a standard USB pen drive, firmware update, and connection of external modules.

All of our control systems have the processing power to be able to apply advanced logic functions based upon the variables that are being monitored to provide real time protection while maintaining a full host of memory and communications options inclusive of distributed networking and internet remote control.

All CUBE controller versions are capable of interfacing with a variety of Down Hole Monitoring (DHT) systems to allow the monitoring and trending of DHT data in the CUBE system and to integrate this with the electrical variables. In this application the CUBE controller replaces the DHT surface display panel by interfacing directly with the DHT communications board. The CUBE logic contains PID control functionality based upon pressure, multi-point alarms, and multiple variable trending is supported.

All CUBE control products have real time clocks, on board memory and run stable custom operating systems that may be configured to protect electronic devices and to provide control, monitoring and various data acquisition functions. All HT Series products communicate with the slave devices through industry standard Modbus RS485 with the option of Modbus over TCP/IP.

VAM Voltage & Amperage Monitoring System

The CUBE-VAM comprises a Voltage Monitoring Relay, Current Monitoring Relay, Voltage Shunt & Rogowski Coils to directly measure and report the real time values for medium voltage, current and frequency on a live power system without a need for meter connection.

This cost effective permanent measuring solution for three phase voltage and frequency allows an operator to non-invasively check the power system without having to risk the hazards associated with arc flash. The CUBE-VAM system can also be configured to provide protection through the control system against phase fluctuation and imbalance.

The CUBE-BPS and CUBE-VAM have programmable alarm systems with two digital relays with selectable NO/NC for alarming the master control system in case of deviation of variables versus the programmed set points. They are also Modbus capable devices and they may be connected to an RS485 Modbus communications line to interface with external control systems and to convey real-time variable values for voltage, frequency and ground fault.