EnerPACK Integrated Drive Systems

Custom Designed Complex Integrated Drive Systems – Often replacing & updating existing equipment.

EnerPACK Integrated VFD System with Sinewave & IEEE519 Filters and Step Up Transformer

EnerPACK Integrated VFD System with Sine Wave & IEEE 519 Filters and Step Up Transformer

The SUBCOE EnerPACK systems and they will normally incorporate IEEE519 input filters, true sine wave output filters and power line transformers in a single enclosure package. They can also incorporate PLCs for advanced system control and automation options.

The highly integrated nature of our EnerDRIVE systems results in a more portable, easier to install & operate, smaller footprint power system which is very useful when there are space and local manpower limitations. The EnerPACK is a cohesive and functional system that is easier to install and maintain, these functional benefits are normally accompanied by a more competitive sales price as cabling costs, enclosure costs and major component integration costs are all minimized. With a lower site installation cost the EnerPACK offers very significant cost benefits.

We will generally recommend our EnerPACK packages when a more complex system is required to meet harmonic mitigation standards, where flexibility is needed to meet more exacting customer specifications or when a site is remote and difficult to access and support.