We are a proven VFD & power systems manufacturer

SUBCOE has manufacturing facilities in Canada, Bulgaria (EU) and Oman (GCC). We specialize in the manufacture of

Control Room & DOL Skids

Control Room & DOL Skids

customer branded power products, our Power Skids, Switchgear & Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) systems are installed all over the world with leading pump company brand labels and nameplates applied.

We specialize in designing, building and branding these systems for our clients and then we support our products with rapid, industry leading, technical support. Many of our users have their own product lines, these are usually limited to a select few mass produced systems and deviation to meet unique or challenging specifications are not feasible. This is where SUBCOE is able to step in and provide a cost effective solution that meets the specific needs of the job in hand, working closely with our customers to develop suitable products.

SUBCOE has manufactured thousands of variable frequency drives and motor controllers for installation around the world primarily in Artificial Lift but also in industrial applications.

We have designed and developed robust, rugged & reliable systems suited for every environment from -50°C to +60°C. Our systems are primarily used in oil field

EnerDRIVE Fully Regenerative Active Matrix VFD

EnerDRIVE Fully Regenerative Active Matrix VFD

and industrial applications where environmental and physical access and operating conditions may be very adverse due to harsh terrain and high temperatures.

As we specialize in the design and manufacture of customized across the line and variable frequency drive packages, we have also designed and developed our own range of OEM products that include control electronics, heat exchangers, enclosures and skids systems all of which are individually available to our clients.

The SUBCOE VFD is an ideal choice for Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP), Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP), Horizontal Pumping Systems (HPS) and Sucker Rod (SRP) applications. For each of these pump types we have a VFD family that meets the application needs.

Systems are available for low voltage 380-600V with 50 or 60 Hz configurations, SUBCOE drive products are also available with low harmonic configurations or with our fully active IGBT regenerative capability.

SUBCOE 500KVA Dual Transformer Open Skid System with Gable Roof

EnerDRIVE Enclosures can optionally be fitted with input harmonic filters, sine wave filters, bypass contactor systems,  PLC control systems, redundant air conditioning systems, incoming and outgoing cable junction boxes, auxiliary power panels and virtually any other device the end user wishes to have installed into a system that may be customized to meet your requirements.