SUBCOE Oman Manufacturing & Repair Facility

SUBCOE is pleased to announce that following a planning and preparation period we are opening our new facility in Muscat, Oman. This new facility will be staffed by experienced long term SUBCOE employees who will bring our expertise to the region and be available for customers on a day to day basis.

SUBCOE has an equipment population in Oman in excess of 600 VFD’s and we also have a significant number of VFD’s and Skid Systems in the surrounding region. To service and support these drives and our valued customers we will be providing immediate access to our engineering and manufacturing teams to resolve issues and to provide fast turn around of new and reconditioned power systems.

Our new facility will be stocked with all of the the parts and materials required to manufacture and maintain SUBCOE and YASKAWA variable frequency drive systems and where practical we will offer to revitalize existing defective third party manufactured products through drive system conversions.

SUBCOE has been a major manufacturer of DOL across the line starter systems, both for our own applications and branded for various pump companies and we will also be offering repair and servicing of these systems.

With the current focus being on cost savings, our offer of repair and rehabilitation of existing assets will allow oil producers to reduce their Capex expenditure to the benefit of all.